Wordpress Development

At WAVAI, we aim to be the leaders in Wordpress development and design in Kuwait and the entire gulf area.

Wordpress development and design is our specialty. We picked Wordpress CMS because we care about delivering great websites to our clients, from the most complex portals to the simplest informational websites.

Wordpress development combines simplicity and flexibility

Wordpress is a content management system used by over 60 million people to build everything from simple websites, to complex online stores.

There are over 10000 plugins for Wordpress that make nearly everything possible to make, from content building, to e-commerce features and social media widgets.
Wordpress websites tend to rank on search engines such as Google very quickly. In fact, Google loves wordpress sites. Besides, there are plenty of SEO plugins that take care of the work for you.

Why choose us for your Wordpress development?

Wordpress has no secret for our team. We have built hundreds of wordpress websites.

Whether it´s a template or a custom web design, we make sure we build an outstanding look and feel for your wordpress website.

You can always count on us to give you the best advice and ideas to improve your wordpress projects.

Having a great Wordpress website is just the first step

to your digital success.

WAVAI gives you the online visibility that your website deserves.