What we offer?

Having your own website means having to deduce some of your time and effort to manage it. Neglected and inactive websites negatively affect their visitors and leave a bad impression about their owners. There is absolutely no need to be worried about not having the time, team or needed skills to manage your website, WAVAI will handle this from A to Z.

WAVAI is proud to have a one of its kind team specialized in website management, regardless of its genre. WAVAI’s team has the experience, expertise and knowledge in the most important tools and methods for website management, and most effective marketing techniques to promote the website and increase its base of visitors. WAVAI’s website management service includes the following:

  • Uploading and updating the website’s content while keeping the overall shape and brand.
  • Supporting the website’s Google archiving by utilizing all technical, marketing and content related aspects.
  • Periodically testing and maintaining the website of errors and crashes, and providing 24/7 technical support.
  • Creating email addresses upon request.
  • Translating the website to languages suitable for its target audiences in able to reach as many of them as possible.
  • Connecting the website with the most suitable social media platforms for its field of work, and utilizing social media to drive more traffic.
  • Sending a weekly report to your email containing statistics about the website’s performance and providing you with information like number of visitors, time spent on each page, and most visited pages.
  • Creating marketing campaigns to promote the website and extend its reach.

Let us fully manage your website and rely on us to improve it. Any website under our management gets its own special team that gives it all from maintenance and solving technical problems, to working on improving the site’s search engine rank by doing necessary marketing, research and modifications, as well as constantly updating the website’s content to be worthy of its visits. All of that takes action within continuous communication with you, to hear take your notes and give you our suggestions and reports and be sure of your satisfaction and comfort.