Instagram users are now able to see a “paid partner” tag when influencers are posting sponsored content on their accounts. According to Charles Porch, creative programmes director at Instagram, the aim is to make influencer-brand relationships “more transparent and obvious” to its 700 million-plus users.

In a region where Instagram influencers and bloggers are most of the time included in the marketing mix of big and small brands, this new feature is a game changer. 

What brands in Kuwait and the Gulf need to know about the paid partnership Instagram feature

#1 – The new feature will enhance transparency—and credibility

Instagram made this decision because its concern is and has always been to enhance transparency for their users. The paid partnership feature is the first step in ensuring transparency of Influencers Marketing on Instagram. Brands in Kuwait and in the rest of the world use influencers to make authentic connections with audience, this new feature will help them get to a new level of transparency and credibility- something modern consumers crave.

#2 – Brands get access to new data and insights.

The most attractive side of this new feature is to allow brands and influencers to know how their paid partnership ads are performing.  Having this option will help brands know the real impact of their influencer marketing efforts which was not possible in the past.

#3 – This is how paid partnership content looks like

paid partnership feature

Activating the paid partnership feature is quick and easy. An “add partner” option shows under “Tag People” feature.

#4 – Are influencers forced to use this feature?

Instagram still did not enforce this feature but according to the latest announcements we can expect this feature to be included in the official policy making it mandatory when influencers post content they get paid for.

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