In June 2017, Google posts features started to be available to all Google My Business users in the world.

In fact, Google posts was launched last year but was only available for certain politicians in the US.

What are Google Posts?

Google posts are posts that appear in the Google My business profile of a business.

google posts

If you are an e-commerce or a local business, you can use Google Posts to promote events, special offers, new product launch, product update, make an announcement or simply post a link to an article like we do at WAVAI. Google Posts have a lifespan of 7 days.

How do Google Posts look like?

  • Photo: The photo you are using for your Google Posts should be of high quality. Keep in mind that the photo´s main purpose is to capture the user´s attention. The recommended image size is 750×750 but the required minimum is 250×250.
  • Description: The description field´s goal is to explain more about your announcement. While you can write up to 1000 characters, only the first 100 characters will show. Meaning that users will have to click on the post itself to read the entire description. The recommended description size is between 100 and 300 characters. Keep in mind that the message should be quick and clear to make users click on your call to action.
  • Call to Action: A call to action is what you want users to do when viewing the post. When creating a post, you can select from a list of pre-determined “call to actions” such as “buy”, “learn more”. After selecting your call to action, decide what URL you would like to send traffic to.
  • Title (for events): The title of the event and is limited to only 58 characters.

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