Email automation is a great way to retain your customers and increase revenue from them. But what is it exactly, how does it work and when can you use it to increase your profit ?

Before diving in the subject let me share with you these three fun fact about customer retention:

  • Organizations who increase customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by as much as 95%
  • a 2% increase in retention is similar to a 10% increase in costs
  • a 10% increase in customer retention levels can result in a 30% increase in the value of a company

What is email automation?

Automation is when you e-mails are sent automatically to your customers based on an action they have taken on a time you specify.

How does email automation work?

Instead of sending e-mail campaigns manually to for example ask for a product review, or introduce a new customer to your brand, you can set up an automation e-mail in a few clicks.

When can you use email automation?

E-mail automation can be used for a lot of situations, from welcoming a new customer to sending a personalised e-mail.

Example of situations where email automation is necessary:

To recover abandoned carts:

When customers add items in their carts and leave your website without completing the purchase, you can still win them back by sending one or several cart recovery emails.

To re-engage customers:

Win-back your previous customers by sending them a coupon code or a give away. You can set up a re-engagement automation for customers that did not buy anything from your website in the past 30 days for example.

To ask a customer for a review:

Asking for existing customers review is a great way to attract new customers. In fact, customers reviews are proven to considerably increase conversions. So when a customer buys from you, don’t miss the chance to ask for a review a couple of days after the purchase. And of course, automation can be set for this.

To send product recommendations:

When automation can sound too robotic, it is in fact a great way to send highly personalised emails. Product recommendations for example are sent to customers based on their previous purchases on your website.

Email automation is one of the best online marketing tactics used to increase customer retention and send e-mails that your audience actually wants to receive.

Reach out if you have questions about setting up the right email automation plan. We´re always happy to help.

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