E-commerce in Kuwait and GCC is rapidly growing. Every day, e-commerce startups launches. Many of them won´t probably make it to the second year. But some of them will succeed and will transform their business to multi 7 figures and they will do it fast… Those online stores hack growth…

What is growth hacking, really?

Put simply, growth hacking consists in tactics and techniques to bring in more and more customers. It is exactly what others call customer acquisition. The only difference is when you hack growth, you grow….very, very quickly.

In the U.S for example, many e-commerce stores achieved 7 figures after their first year. Take the example of Bonobos, an e-commerce site for men´s clothing. They got $1.6 million in sales in their first year. What’s so special about the pants they sell?

How can Kuwait and GCC online stores hack growth?

1- Build a unique brand

Your brand is unique. It has a personality, a culture, a voice. Your brand is different from your value proposition. It is used to help your customers remember your company. Your brand can be intellectual, fun, serious… There is no right or wrong.

2- Personalize the shopping experience

Learn as much as you can about your customers. Deliver an experience that is unique for each shopper. A great thing you can do is use e-mail automation to send recommended products to every customer based on his previous purchases. Deliver a one-to-many shoppers experience is a thing of the past.

3- Treat customers differently

A big mistake many online stores in the GCC region make is they treat their new and old customers the same way. Sending out coupons to your loyal customers is not enough. A good growth hack is to segment your site visitors to reveal certain promotions and content according to if they are first time visitors or not.

4- Give rich content

Educating your customers about your products and giving them tips on how they should use them is a great way to build trust and strong relationships. Our client Cavaraty for instance is making a great job on their snapchat account delivering valuable content to their audience. Result: Cavaraty app got more than 100.000 downloads a couple of days after its release on the app stores and is on the top 10 of the trending apps in Kuwait.

online stores hack growth

5. Focus on customer service

Customer Service is one of the most essential parts in your online business. Providing a great customer service with for example liberal return policies and a great reactivity to customers complaints is what made the success of many e-commerce stores.

If you want your online store to succeed and make it to 7 figures, you should constantly think on how you can hack growth. In order to do so, my best advice is to never quit experimenting. Testing ideas, tactics and hacks is the shortest way to success.

We hacked growth for many online businesses, it is now your business to start growing.