Many brands forget the word “social” in social media, they only focus on the media part of it and treat social media as a one-way communication to promote products and services. When in reality, social media is much more than that. Social media should be used to engage with customers, to converse with them.

In this article, I will address three social media mistakes that businesses make with social media marketing.

#1 No strategy

Social media like- any other marketing channel -need to serve your business goals. Are you using social media to increase brand awareness, site traffic, leads? Or are you using it as an additional customer support channel?

Setting up goals for your social media presence will shape your strategy. Once you determine what your objectives are and have a clear vision of how you will achieve them, it will then be easier to choose the platforms your brand need to present it.

For example, if you run an e-commerce business focused in lifestyle and fashion, you will most likely want to be present in Instagram and Pinterest.

Retailers that sell items for do-it-yourself projects on the other hand, will benefit from publishing how-to videos and tutorials featuring their tools on YouTube. This video from Fire Mountains brand is a great example.

#2 Not listening and….even worse not responding

Taking a proactive approach when people are talking about your brand is the best way to ensure engagement with your audience.

Social Mention and Mention to help you listen to your audience when they talk to you and about you.

#3 Test, analyse, improve. Repeat

Like all digital marketing tactics, you need to experiment massively when it comes to social media marketing. Think of how more and more brands use live videos to connect with their customers, a great way to experience is see what kind of live videos you should be using: interview experts, showcase your products.

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