Our Team


Apps We Use

list of some apps that we use on our work flow

Our team at WAVAI has carefully selected a suite of applications through extensive research, experimentation, and evaluation. These tools have proven to be instrumental in optimizing our workflow. However, we are always open to evolution and improvement, so we welcome any suggestions for new products that could enhance our collaborative efforts.

Here’s a breakdown of the key applications we currently use:

  • Notion: Our go-to platform for organizing and documenting work, including tracking project tasks and managing work-related communications.
  • Spark: Our chosen email service, known for its efficiency and user-friendly interface.
  • Calendly: An indispensable tool for scheduling meetings seamlessly.
  • Slack: The backbone of our team communication, facilitating quick and effective internal discussions.
  • Keynote: A powerful application for designing and creating presentations. Given that most of the WAVAI team operates on MacOS devices, Keynote is an ideal choice. It’s freely available across all our devices and offers a collaborative feature, enabling multiple team members to work on the same presentation online simultaneously.

These tools are more than just software; they are an integral part of our daily operations, helping us to achieve our goals with greater precision and efficiency.

Services We Use at WAVAI

list of some apps that we use on our work flow

At WAVAI, we’ve integrated a carefully curated selection of applications into our workflow to enhance productivity and streamline processes. Here’s an overview of the key services we rely on:

  • iCloud: Essential for data storage and synchronization, iCloud ensures all our critical files and documents are securely backed up and accessible across multiple devices.
  • iMessage: A preferred communication tool within our team, especially for quick, real-time messaging among Apple device users.
  • Zoho Invoice: Our trusted solution for managing invoicing and financial transactions, streamlining the creation, dispatch, and tracking of invoices.
  • Google Workspace: This comprehensive suite, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, facilitates collaborative work and efficient document management.
  • Cron: A robust tool we utilize for advanced scheduling and time management, ensuring our meetings and tasks are organized effectively.
  • 1Password: Our go-to password manager, providing secure storage and easy access to all necessary credentials and sensitive data.
  • Zoom: The backbone of our remote communication, offering reliable and high-quality video conferencing for meetings and webinars.
  • Zapier: A powerful automation tool that seamlessly connects our various applications, enhancing workflow efficiency by reducing repetitive manual tasks.

These services are integral to maintaining our operational efficiency, ensuring smooth communication, and supporting our collaborative efforts, both in-office and remotely.