Increase your website´s sales volume without spending a dime. This article shows you how to turn visitors to customers by optimizing your website.

1- Your website pages must load quickly

Let´s admit it, no one stays on a web page that takes forever to load. There is plenty of other websites out there that provides similar products or services. The user will just hit the back button and continue his search.

To give you a clear picture : 57% of visitors will abandon a page that takes 3 seconds or more to load.

The thing is if your website loads slowly, not only you are losing potential customers but even Google punishes you for that by decreasing your ranking in its results pages.

As an evidence of how big of a difference website speed can make, in 2003 increased their conversion by 20% just because they invested in speed and responsiveness. 

How to improve your website speed

  • Use this free tool Pingdom to check your website speed.
  • Use a caching plugin for WordPress websites or install one at the hosting level; W3 Total Cache works for both.
  • Reduce image file sizes with a plugin like WP Smush for your existing images or use Optimizilla before you upload them.

2-Ask visitors to do one single thing

More is less.

By asking your visitors to do one single thing on your website ( i.e create an account, buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter ) you give them less chances to get distracted which results in more conversions.

Your websites needs to focus on 1 CTA ( Call to Action ).

Examples of CTAs : Subscribe now, Shop now, Start free trial…

The number of times you put the CTA on your landing page does not really matter as long as it is the same action.

How to use singularity

  • Identify a clear, one objective of the page. For example, on a blog page you want visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. The CTA would be then “subscribe to newsletter”
  • Don’t give your readers any other actionable options other than that one goal.

3- Collect visitors e-mail addresses

E-mailing is a great way to engage with customers and potential customers. In fact most of e-commerce websites make big part of their revenue from e-mailing. But here is the thing, visitors that know your business are more likely to give you their e-mail address comparing to visitors that don´t know you. For those you need a direct Call to Action and a reward.  Offer them something valuable in exchange of their e-mail address.

Example of rewards 

  • Free white paper that educates them about the problem your business is solving.
  • Free educational webinar that helps them evaluate your products.
  • A free online workshop related to your products.

4- Understand your customer

In order to turn visitors to customers, a crucial thing is to understand these visitors. Sounds logical, right? However many websites fail in doing so. They did not spend enough time trying to know more about their target. Your website must provide the user experience that suits your visitor.

How to understand your customers

To turn your visitors to customers isn´t a one time task. It is a process that needs constant testing and improvement. But believe me the impact on your sales numbers is worth the hard work.

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